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Rapid Transformational Therapy

I have been incredibly lucky to train with the phenomenal, world renowned Marisa Peer. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These days clients are mostly time poor and want rapid results. The difference with RTT is that it develops permanent change in between 1-3 sessions.

RTT is a stand alone therapeutic approach informed by hypnosis and hypnotherapy - and goes beyond hypnosis. What makes RTT different is that it empowers the client as we find the Root Cause of the problem be that physical or emotional. We can transform those self limiting beliefs, negative habits and behaviours as the client is involved with the therapist in uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then changing them. 


This leads to permanent powerful change because RTT enables the mind to tell the body what to do ( eg heal itself, turn fear into excitement etc). The mind can tell the body how to react and how to feel and it can alter and improve messages the body sends to the mind.


RTT works on all manner of issues- anxiety, depression, phobias, physical ailments and illnesses - contact me to discuss how RTT can work for you.

What can RTT help you with?

Achieving Goals
Childhood Problems
Compulsive Behavior
Eating Issues
Emotional Blocks
(Heights, Driving, Flying, Needles, Dentist, etc.)
Feeling not lovable or not enough
Health Issues
Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration
Lack of Connection

Pain Control
Panic Attacks
Public Speaking
Premenstrual Mood Issues
Rest & Relaxation
Skin Problems
Sleep Problems
Sports Performance
Success Blocks
Trauma: Unresolved, from your past
Wealth Wiring
Weight Control


A close friend suggested hypnosis to me as I was sobbing with her over the breakup of a long term relationship. The idea immediately resonated with me. I saw the possibility to help with the healing required, albeit not a conventional hypnosis route (so I thought!). This is how I came to Nadine Rose Wellbeing for hypnosis - through recommendation. 

I was so appreciative of an appointment within a few days, as I felted floored with the breakup. Nadine instantly held a safe space as we ventured together into the hypnosis. The journey opened up and revealed important information I needed to see and understand. 

There is no quick fix to a broken heart or an instant drastic change of life, but, my goodness me the healing can be accelerated. Clear understanding, the willingness to self correct my language & thinking and a reinforcing audio provided by Nadine, have all absolutely and noticeably lifted me from the floor. 
I am, as we speak, rapidly transforming myself using RTT. Nadine Rose gets another firm recommendation - Thank you!

D. R, Sussex


Having some exposure to adult RTT, we approached Nadine Rose to see if she would consider addressing our 10-year-old daughters confidence levels. These were around not being good enough, not being smart enough and other blockages, especially around math. These had existed for some time, but with a change in both countries and schools we decided to address it.

We explained the RTT process to Kira and asked her if she was prepared to try? Kira and Nadine had never met, we introduced them on Skype and left them to it. Kira said she really liked Nadine and her feedback of the session was positive, she started her nightly meditation recording and continued for 21 days, with Kira and Nadine having a subsequent follow up session.

Then some amazing things started to happen, about two or three weeks after the meditation ended, Kira got an award at her new school for fitting in like she had always been a student there. Then she started (unprompted by us) doing long division after dinner at night! She has since moved up a class in math at school, seems to have released issues around some old friends in Hong Kong that were hurtful, and has developed new healthy friendships. She is showing remarkable self-starter characteristics in several areas that we have not seen before.

We knew RTT has a positive effect, but it appears that this early age its success may be multiplied. Nadine's incredibly positive energy and her fun and positive engagement with Kira has had an amazing effect on how Kira sees herself and the world. Incredibly all of this has occurred in just one session. We could not recommend this process with Nadine more strongly, it has been truly transformational for Kira, we would not hesitate to use it to address other issue as they arise.

Ian & Fiona, New Zealand

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